Carla Gasic

Carla is a profesional publicist that started working as a make up artist 16 years ago. She specialized in a make up school in Los Angeles (United States) in 2006 and since then, she has worked with important people from television and world of politics. She was the lead of the characterization team of "My Name Is ..." a chilean tv show that has won awards in FOTECH, TV GRAMA, COPIHUE DE ORO y QUÉ VEO as Best Chilean Entertainment Program. In 2014, she received the Pedro Sienna award for Best Make Up, given by the National Council for Culture and Arts of Chile for the film "Ciudadano Kramer".

Earlier this year, Carla went to England to make a second specialization in characterization and special effects in Neill Gorton´s studio, a well-known make-up artist.

She is currently leading the team of characterization in the new Stefan Kramer's television project called "Kamaleón".